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Weed Control

Companion Planting: Anecdotal or Tried and Tested?

Companion planting is a management strategy of planting crops together. The idea is that each of the crops will benefit one another. Perhaps one repeals insects that attack another. Maybe one of the companions provides nutrients that the other plant can use. One plant could keep sun from the soil and impart weed management. In general, we hope that a companion planting will: manage inse...

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Cover Crops Week: Day 3- Leguminous

Today's topic is leguminous cover crops. Unlike the nonleguminous cover crops, these will actually sequester nitrogen into the soil. They are a great tool as they can be used in place of nitrogen fertilizers. These cover crops will also sometimes be used in conjunction with the fertilizer. For instance, white clover can add between 80-200 lbs of total N per acre. Knowing that and then factoring...

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