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Backyard Grains Program: What to Expect

This past September (which seems like months ago), I had the opportunity to help thresh wheat that my friends had grown in their backyard. All of us had no experience threshing small scale wheat piles so it took a while. We tried the method of beating it against the side of a clean, metal trash can. We also tried cutting off the ends and utilizing a drill attachment. I, however, found the best method for me was to place each one between my fingers and rub it together to remove the wheat germ. Painstakingly annoying, I know. As we wrapped up for the day and I talked further with them, backyard grains seemed like a great course to offer and another way to look at further eating local.

There has been recent interest in growing grains for the last couple of years. Heirloom grains like wheat, barley, oats, and corn have seen a resurgence in having a different texture or a physical look to them. Others like quinoa have become very popular as a replacement for rice in dishes. There is also some renewed interest in growing dried beans. But they can be challenging as such. Some will require threshing and need milling in order to turn into flour. Others may have insect and disease problems that will need to be considered when growing. So they are not always as easy as vegetables and fruit can be.

So with all that, I hope you can join us on Tuesday, December 2nd from 6:00-8:00PM in Freeport at the Freeport Public Library for Specialty Backyard Grains Production. We're aiming to introduce the crops, explain how to use them, discuss seasonal management, harvest, and storage. To register, please visit our homepage.

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