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Northwest Illinois Horticulture Corner

In the far Northwest Corner of Illinois, gardening is a very popular pastime! Get your info here!
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All About Cranberries

News source/writer: Jennifer Fishburn, Extension Educator, Horticulture, Cranberries are a staple for many people during the holidays. We use them to make cranberry salad or jello for the holiday dinner. Many people also string them with popcorn to make a beautiful garland decoration. I love to eat...

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Christmas tree trivia

News source/writer: Ron Wolford, 773-233-2900,   URBANA, Ill. – We may put up a Christmas tree every year, but few of us are aware of their history and significance. University of Illinois Extension educator Ron Wolford enlightens us. In 1856, Franklin Pierce, the 14th President of the Unit...

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Forcing paperwhites for holiday décor

News source/writer: Candice Hart, 815-732-2191,   URBANA, Ill. – Longing for a bit of spring during the winter months? A University of Illinois Extension educator suggests "forcing" bulbs indoors to create a beautiful and long-lasting flower display for your home. "The term 'forcing' refers...

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Top 10 tips for poinsettias

News source/writer: Kim Ellson, 847-818-2905,   URBANA, Ill. – It is hard to think of the holidays without conjuring up images of red poinsettias and a snowy landscape. These beautiful plants are easy to care for, with a few simple tips. "There is no need for people to experience difficulties...

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Holiday Cacti

Source/writer: Jennifer Fishburn, 217-782-4617,   A holiday cactus in full bloom is a great holiday gift. Easy to care for, holiday cacti generally are long lived and will easily bloom year after year. In fact, they are often passed down from generation to generation as family heirlooms. Wh...

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