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Northwest Illinois Horticulture Corner

In the far Northwest Corner of Illinois, gardening is a very popular pastime! Get your info here!

Reduce Your Plastic Footprint

This blog is written by Extension Educator Jennifer Fishburn, 217-782-4617, Reduce, reuse, and recycle. The three R's are part of being a good steward to the Earth. Jennifer Fishburn, a University of Illinois Extension educator, points out that it is ironic that the horticulture industry, whose goal is to b...

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The mystery lurking under the pond turns radiant

This blog post is written by Extension Educator Kelly Allsup, They are the stuff of nightmares, but can make us stand in awe at their beauty. Their dark, extended bodies are poised to attack while lurking under water. They propel themselves through the water with a forceful expulsion of water through their re...

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To Spray or Not To Spray in the Garden

This blog post is written by Extension Educator Martha A. Smith, Stop and think before grabbing a bottle of pesticide to control garden pests. That's the message University of Illinois Extension educator Martha Smith wants to convey to gardeners this season. "Integrated Pest Management stresses monito...

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