Stephenson County 4-H

Stephenson County 4-H

4-H Ambassadors

Our Purpose

  • To promote the 4-H program on a local and county level, while taking advantage of opportunities to expand upon youth's leadership skills and become valued members of their community.

Our Mission

  • To Build Friendships
  • Exercise Teamwork
  • Serve as Voices for Our Club in Regards to County Activities
  • Recognize, Appreciate, an Take Advantage of Differences
  • Follow Through with Commitments
  • Push Our Personal Limits
  • Serve our Community
  • Be known as the Helping Hands of the Stephenson County 4-H Program
  • Provide Opportunities for Continuing Involvement of Older Members
  • Serve as Mentors for younger 4-H'ers

So we ARE the Best that WE CAN Be as Individuals & as Team Members of the Stephenson County 4-H Ambassadors.

Who Can Belong?

All energetic and enthusiastic Stephenson County 4-H members, ages 12 and older (those under 12 must be approved), who have completed one year and in their second year of being a member.

Is There a Set Meeting Day?

Yes, 4-H Ambassadors will meet no more than six (6) times per year. Meeting dates, times and locations will be set by members and staffed based on membership availability.

How Many Meetings Do I Have to Attend?

  • Members should attend as many planned meetings/events as possible in order to fully embrace a team environment and get the most out of the 4-H Ambassador experience.
  • Members and parents need to fill out and sign an agreement for a one-year commitment. Youth may repeat as 4-H Ambassadors by re-signing the annual agreement each year.

In order for this group to be truly effective:

  • Everyone must share in the work that needs to be done and the fun that will result.
  • Everyone must be an involved and an active participant.
  • Members (and parents) should follow through with commitments that they make.