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Margo Turman
Program Coordinator - Stephenson County
University of Illinois Extension
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Jackie de Batista
Extension Educator, 4-H Youth Development
University of Illinois Extension
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Phone: 815-235-4125
FAX: 815-232-9006

Stephenson County 4-H

Stephenson County 4-H

New Family Support Coordinator Training

These are the answers to the Brain-storming sessions that we had in South Dakota:

What are questions new families might have?

What projects are available?

What paperwork do I do?

If I have a question, who do I ask?

Where are project meetings held?

What time and where do we meet?

What are club expectations?

How often are meetings?

How many projects can I do?

What can I take to the fair?

Why do we do a journal and how do I complete it?

Who should I see first?

What forms do I fill out?

Is there a fee?

What is 4-H?

What do I do?

How old do we have to be?

Do I have a leader for my project?

How many meetings are there and do I have to be at every meeting?

I have an (animal) – what do I need to do?

Who can help me?

How do I do a demonstration?

What projects do I have to do?

What is a project book?

Where is the county office?

Are there training days for projects?

Who brings the snacks for club meetings?

What do I need to do next month?

When do I register?

When is the County Fair? Why do I care?

Why do I have to fill out this form?

What do we have to do to complete projects?

What is expected of me?

How do we know what projects to sign up for?

How do you become an officer?

What does the project area involve?

What kind of community service do we do?

Do you need to own livestock?

Do we need to live on a farm?

Are there any project trips?

What does 4-H stand for?

Why do we need to follow the rules in conducting the meeting?

What are project leaders?

How do I complete a year?

What do we do for fundraising?

How many projects to take first time?

What should new families know?

Explanation of what 4-H is

What is expected of a parent at meetings and their involvement (talks, treats, etc.)

How often clubs meet

Timeline – don't have to have everything done now

What projects are available

Why 4-H journals are important

What projects are offered – city kid or farm kid types

Explanation of awards, ribbons

Tell them to journal all year

Club expectations & requirements

State fair explanation

Where meetings are held

What a 4-H record book or journal is

Explain the county fair

How many meetings does my child have to attend

Are there dues? Who pays for projects

How many projects to take in first year

What age limits are

Do we do service projects

To get involved with county events

Project requirements

Who are the leaders

How often club meetings are held

4-H pledge

Where and when is 4-H camp

How long are meetings

How awards are determined

A list of all the events that happen throughout the 4-H year

4-H is a family activity

What forms to fill out

Parents are welcome to stay for meetings

Leaders' phone number and/or email

New projects

Parents need to participate

Project ideas

Page on form to fill out

Schedule of events

What is judging

How to give a talk or demo

What are some good ways to make new families feel welcome?

Sit with them at the meeting

Invite them to a project meeting and show them how

Smile and be positive

Suggest project ideas

Explain your club procedures

Call the new member and talk

Welcome party

Pick mentor to answer questions

Let them know how to get started

Explain what they need to record in the journal

How to clip and display newspaper clippings

Show past members' books to see how they are written up

Designate a 4-H'er to greet new members when they come to meetings

Call and explain special activities

Call parents after a meeting to see if they have questions

Sign up for community projects

Help them fill out the project enrollment

Explain what their responsibilities are at meetings

Ice breaker before meeting

Open house for potential members

Explain 4-H to them

Don't assume they understand

Follow up

Play non-competitive games where they can meet club members

Invite them to the meeting and introduce them yourself

Include them in discussions

Show them project guides and give ideas

Ask them what their interest are

Visit with them after meetings; Answer their questions

Play games that encourage use of names

Call after meeting – glad to see them

Have host families & experienced 4-H'ers work/sit with new 4-H'ers

Start a club journal to pass on monthly and have members make pages about them and their families

Mentor older club members with new members

Call and send reminder about upcoming meetings

Have a family potluck so that families can intermingle in a casual setting

Family introductions at roll call

Ask new members about their favorite hobby/interest

Invite them to the meeting

Include them in all of the activities

Team them up with other families

Get the families to be working with other families in their neighborhood

At each meeting one member does a presentation on their family with introductions

Volunteer to lead pledges

Choose youth to give reports

Have Jr./teen members work with younger members

Let the kids decide

Give all a task or job to do

Ask for input at beginning of club year – what to do/who to do it

Entice with food

Do mixers at start of meeting

Get the parent(s) involved

Do hands-on activities

Have it fun – not boring

Have members review what was done in a group

do crafts

let different members bring refreshments

be spontaneous

go to members houses for demonstration night

capture enthusiasm

all kids hold an office

do field trips

develop committee for planning and each member on one per month

guest speakers

have youth do demo or talk

give each member a job

assembly line projects

give reports on activities

community service (pop tabs)

members plan activities for the year




What are ways to get 4-Hers involved in meetings?

Give ideas to discuss (club projects, community service)

Use an office like game and/or song leader – make it on a rotation

Community service



Have project leaders for each age level and a project at each meeting


Craft ideas: Tray favors for hospital/May baskets

Fill out record books

Show by example

Judge classes of items

Appoint different officers per meeting

Include each one in program for year

Craft activity to take home

Make them feel welcome

Ask them to participate

Fill out record books together


Roll call topics

Group activity or judging

Introduce new families

Ask what they like to do

Ask why they want to join

Encourage participate

Make them feel welcome

Have fun

Initiate them

Write an article about them in club newsletter

Call the new members and remind of meeting times

Explain what's going on

Make sure you are open to all questions

Go slowly the first meeting of the year

Don't burn out the new members with too much information at one time

Include in yearly planning

Ask them if they want to help on...

Assign mentors in larger groups