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Stephenson Local Foods Initiative

Stephenson Local Foods Initiative

Guidelines for Use of Local Foods Symbol

Northwest Illinois Local Foods Task Force

Guidelines for Use of the Local Foods Symbol

The purpose of the local foods symbol is to establish an identity for the local foods initiative launched June 2007. It is designed to be used on materials that raise awareness and at the pointof-purchase to draw attention to foods grown/raised locally. The design was created locally by M45 Marketing Services. It represents food in a bowl, a person rejoicing, and the curve of the earth.

1. Foods bearing the Local Foods symbol must be grown or raised within an 80-mile radius of Stephenson County.

2. The symbol may be used by food retailers, including restaurants, caterers, farmers market vendors, grocery stores, specialty shops, institutional kitchens that meet these guidelines.

3. Acceptable whole food products include vegetables, fruits, nuts, berries, grains, herbs, dried fruits or vegetables, eggs, and meats.

4. Acceptable processed foods include honey and apiary products, syrup, preserves, jams, jellies, juices, and wine.

5. Prepared foods may also be designated as "local" as long as at least one ingredient is grown/raised within an 80-mile radius of Stephenson County and consumers are clearly made aware of that ingredient which is "local."

Retailers are encouraged to use the symbol as much as possible to promote the use of local foods, for example:
1. Individual food packaging
2. Menus, next to local items and in a legend to explain the symbol: "This food was grown or
raised within 80 miles of Stephenson County."
3. Indoor and outdoor signage: "We proudly serve local food."
4. Advertisements
5. Websites
6. Uniforms, aprons, hats
7. Brochures and flyers
8. Tradeshow or community fair displays
9. Press releases

Electronic artwork of the symbol and point-of-sale materials are available through
University of Illinois Extension - Stephenson County at 815-235-4125.
For more information on the Local Foods Task Force, contact Margaret Larson, Director,
University of Illinois Extension - Stephenson County at