University of Illinois Extension Serving Hispanics/Latinos -- Extension de la Universidad de Illinois Sirviendo a Hispanos/Latinos


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University of Illinois Extension offers practical, research-based programs that help people improve their lives and address critical community issues involving children, youth, families, and businesses.

Given the tremendous growth in the number of Spanish-speaking people in Illinois, U of I Extension is expanding its resources and commitment to this audience.

University of Illinois Extension offers programs for everyone—men, women, children, and families.

Mothers, fathers, and new parents can learn:

  • How to prepare nutritious meals and snacks.
  • How to communicate within the family.
  • How to care for children and parenting skills.
  • How to stretch the family's income.
  • How to use community resources that are available.

Children and teens can learn:

  • How to succeed in school.
  • Leadership skills including public speaking and record keeping.
  • About the world of work and how to get a job.
  • Conflict resolution skills. About drug and alcohol abuse, AIDS, and sex education.
  • Fun things like camping, arts and crafts, and enrichment programs.

Families can learn to:

  • Improve communications between the adults and children.
  • Play together and enjoy each other.
  • Explore business, job and educational opportunities.
  • Care for their homes and provide a safe environment for their family.

Extension programs help caring adults provide support and guidance to nurturing and building strong families.