University of Illinois Extension Serving Hispanics/Latinos -- Extension de la Universidad de Illinois Sirviendo a Hispanos/Latinos

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University of Illinois Extension offers practical, research-based programs that help people improve their lives and address critical community issues involving children, youth, families, and businesses.

Did You Know...

  • Currently the University of Illinois Extension serves about 95,000 Hispanics.
  • There are about 1.6 million Hispanics in Ilinois.
  • There are around 500,000 young Hispanics under the age of 18.
  • Seven out of nine Hispanics are working. The Hispanic population is growing seven times faster than non-Hispanic populations.
  • By 2030, there will be 65 million Hispanics living in the United States.
  • Nearly 75 percent of Hispanics are native-born and naturalized citizens of the United States.

Given the tremendous growth in Spanish-speaking audiences in Illinois, U of I Extension is expanding its resources and commitment to this audience.

The Extension Specialist - Spanish Language Programming can assist Extension units and educators in:

  • Providing information about Extension programs to Spanish-speaking audiences.
  • Conducting needs assessments on Hispanic concerns at community, county and state levels.
  • Teaching staff and volunteers about Hispanic culture, and Extension programs.
  • Planning workshops and making public presentations related to educational programs for Hispanics.
  • Establishing agreements to collaborate or exchange programs, materials or other resources between Extension and other organizations.
  • Producing written or audio-visual educational material.
  • Assisting in the recruitment of staff and volunteers with cultural and language skills to work with Hispanic audiences.

How Do We Get Started?

To develop partnerships and programming with organizations working with Hispanics:

  • First, begin by contacting an organization working with Hispanic audiences.
  • Second, arrange a meeting for the agency contact, the Extension Specialist-Spanish Language Programming, the Unit Leader and any Extension educators that should be included.
  • Third, following the meeting the Extension staff will decide in what ways they can respond and what programming can be delivered.
  • Fourth, the Unit Leader will coordinate all programming efforts and the Extension Specialist-Spanish Language Programming will be available for consultation and assistance.