Nutrient Management Planning

Nutrient Management Planning

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2017 CLM Training Nutrient Management Planning handouts

2017 CLM Training Nutrient Management Plan handouts are used to teach nutrient management planning. The pdf files for both Nitrogen-limiting and Phosphorous-limiting application to corn following corn are attached to the bullets below. Choose between an example slurry, solid beef/dairy with bedding, or turkey litter system.

Nitrogen-limited examples:

Phosphorus-limited examples:

What is my manure worth?

For winter 2015-2016 swine finishing manure values estimates, and a presentation, CLICK HERE

Current estimates (pdf files), as of December 2016:

The Excel-based calculators

...used for estimating slurry or solid manure values used in the above examples are below. The sheets are protected, but cells that hold inputs you might want to modify should not be. 

All the Links, below, too: