Would You Like to Become a Workshop Facilitator?

Workshop Facilitators often comment on the joy that it brings them to see participants realize that they can manage their ongoing health conditions. "Watching someone experience a light bulb moment is very special." Shirley shared. Shirley is a seasoned volunteer who has conducted workshops throughout Cook County.

Workshops are led by a team of two trained facilitators. Facilitators come from a variety of backgrounds and it is not necessary to have a job in the health professions to qualify as a workshop facilitator. Learning from the other people in the workshop is a crucial piece of the process. Therefore, in each two-person team, at least one facilitator should have experience with an on-going health condition. This increases the two-way connection between facilitators and participants, and encourages everyone to share experiences and solutions.

All facilitators must:

  • Complete four full days of training by a master trainer.
  • Complete one workshop within six months of completing the training.
  • Have an agreement with a licensed organization they will work under while conducting workshops.
  • Please complete the facilitator inquiry form if you would like to become a workshop facilitator: New Facilitator Inquiry Form

Would You Like to Host a Workshop at Your Location?

Workshops are offered at a wide-variety of locations including libraries, churches, schools, hospitals, clinics, doctor's offices, senior centers and recreation centers. Hosting a workshop means you are willing to provide a space for those in your community to meet and participate in the Take Charge of Your Health programs. The same space should be available at the same day and time for six consecutive weeks.

We ask that all of our host sites be accessible for individuals with disabilities (according to the Americans with Disabilities Act) to accommodate the various needs of program participants. On the workshop scheduling form you will find some additional host site requirements.

If you wish to host a workshop, please click the link below to fill out an host site inquiry form at this link.

Would you like to become a Take Charge of Your Health Partner?

Natural program partners are agencies:

  • provide health programs and services
  • work with an adult or older adult population
  • would like to offer their clients or employees an evidence-based program shown to help participants improve their lives

If this sounds like your agency, there are several opportunities to partner:

  • Become a host site for a Take Charge program
  • Arrange for staff and volunteers to be trained as facilitators
  • Distribute Take Charge marketing materials
  • Refer patients/clients to our programs

Check out our partners.

However, these are only a few examples! We are always open to innovative ideas for partnership!

For more information, contact AgeOptions at takecharge@ageoptions.org or call us at 800-699-9043.