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John Fulton

John Fulton
Former County Extension Director

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In The Backyard

Horticulture columns and tips done on a timely basis
fire blight on apple

Fire Blight of Apple and Pear

Apple and pear trees are also having their problems. There is a large amount of tip dieback in some varieties, and this is probably fire blight. Look for a shepherd's crook at the tip of the affected areas as a clue it is fire blight. Fire blight is a bacterial disease, therefore there is little chance for you to treat it. The common treatment in commercial operations is streptomycin, but it ha...

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Cicada killer wasp
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Insects are plentiful this year. They have great systems of survival, and it was a mild winter. Once again we are seeing some earwigs. This is a little bit of a surprise since it has been so dry this year. Earwigs tend to be in high organic areas, as they feed primarily on dead insects and plant material. However, they can and do eat live plant material such as marigolds, zinnias, strawberries,...

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First Japanese Beetle of 2012

Posted by John Fulton -

I captured my first Japanese beetle of the 2012 season in a pheromone trap on Sunday, June 3. Be prepared to check out preferred plants such as roses, apples, crabapples, and lindens....

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