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John Fulton

John Fulton
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peach leaf curl
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Leaf Diseases of trees

Posted by John Fulton -

What a difference a year makes! Last year we were warm and dry for large parts of the spring, and this year has been cool and damp for the most part. With the type of weather we have experienced, it should have been expected many different diseases would come our way this spring. Well, they are here. Here are some shorts on the past week and some of the items found without looking too hard....

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Verticillium Wilt Vascular Discoloration

Vascular Diseases of Trees

Posted by John Fulton -

Many major tree diseases cause vascular system blockage. Verticillium wilt, oak wilt, and most of the canker diseases fall into the group. Usually a fungus "plugs the pipes" so there is reduced movement of water up and food down. This leads to dead areas above the blockage. Of course, if the blockage is on the main trunk you end up with a dead tree. It is often possible to see streaking of the...

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galls on shingle oak


Posted by John Fulton -

One group of problems showing up is galls. Galls are swelling of leaves, twigs, or other plant parts. Most are caused by mites or wasps. They damage the plant parts and the plant responds with a gall. In the case of leaves, the swelling is actually leaf tissue. This is something I like to refer to as similar to you getting a mosquito bite. The damage comes in and a swelling occurs. There is no...

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