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In The Backyard

Horticulture columns and tips done on a timely basis

New Local Foods Infographic with Seasonal Calendar

I know you all are savvy seasonal shoppers, but I imagine there are still some fuzzy areas about what exactly is in season when–especially as more growers extend the season with hoophouses and root cellars. That's one of the reasons The Land Connection put together this brand new Local Food Infographic, wit...

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Roots to Rooftop Tour

The American Community Gardening Association has a broad definition of what a community garden entails. It can be urban, suburban, or rural. It can grow flowers, vegetables or community. It can be one community plot, or can be many individual plots. It can be at a school, hospital, or in a neighborhood. It can also be a series of plots dedicat...

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Preparing a New Generation of Illinois Fruit and Vegetable Farmers

Applications now open! Aspiring Illinois farmers, new growers with less than five years' experience, commodity farmers interested in diversifying to include fruit or vegetable production, and high school and community college agriculture teachers are invited to apply now for the next session of a free training program offered through the University of Illinois crop sciences department. See more...

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Japanese beetle

Japanes Beetles

Posted by John Fulton -

A few beetles have shown up in the area. They were about two weeks later than last year. Japanese beetle adults have a 1/2 to 3/4 inch long body with copper colored wing covers and a shiny metallic green head. A key characteristic is prominent white tufts of hair along their sides. They also have an overwhelming appetite for your favorite rose. Adults feed in herds on many deciduous trees, shr...

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