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Horticulture columns and tips done on a timely basis

Spring Lawn Tips

Posted by John Fulton -

As expected, things are really bunching up due to the cold weather throughout most of March. Spring seeding should be done between March 15 and April 1 for the best chance of success. The reasons for the early date are the heat and the long germination time for Kentucky bluegrass. It can take up to a month for bluegrass seed to germinate. This means an April 1 seeding might germinate May 1. The...

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Home Fruit Tree Spray Schedule

Posted by John Fulton -

Quality fruit these days takes these two things, and time. It seems like quality fruit must be sprayed at the recommended intervals. Starting with dormant oils, these need to be applied before buds swell. Dormant oils are usually needed only every two or three years to provide control of scales and mites. Sure, the populations will build up in the off year...

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Starting Your Own Transplants and a Few Other Tips

Posted by John Fulton -

It’s definitely been one of those years. Questions abound on when to start transplants, finish pruning chores, when to start mowing, and several others. I’ll give you a little guidance, with emphasis on the little part, on starting seeds in this column. I’ve held off a few weeks because of the weather. We know the weather will change, but this year it will change eventually....

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