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In The Backyard

Horticulture columns and tips done on a timely basis

Fall and Winter Preparation

Posted by John Fulton -

This will be the last regular column for the season, and I'll try to cover some of the basics for readying for winter. Pruning trees in the fall is a no-no in the early fall. Remember pruning is a rejuvenation process. This means cutting limbs off sends a hormone signal to the tree or shrub to grow more shoots. There isn't much of a worse time to prune than right before trees are going...

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EAB adult on penny edited-1

Emerald Ash Borer Found in Logan, Menard, and Sangamon Counties

Posted by Jennifer Fishburn -

With the presence of emerald ash borer confirmed in all three of our counties, the "What Next?" questions are coming in fast and furious. They rank only second to "Would you look at my ash tree?" As for looking at the ash trees, it is physically impossible to look at all of them. If you want to provide pictures or drop samples by, we can try and deal with requests in that manner. In the weeks a...

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Transplanting Trees

Posted by John Fulton -

Today I'll attempt to give you a brief outline of transplanting trees. The best time is during dormancy, meaning deciduous trees have lost their leaves. Or, get as close to the dormancy period as you can. Evergreens are never really dormant, so early spring or fall (by the end of October to allow for root growth) are the best times as well for them. The first step is to make sure the tr...

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