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Horticulture columns and tips done on a timely basis

Managing Leaves in the Fall

Posted by John Fulton -

Mid-October, and a bit of wind, leads to falling leaves in increasing numbers. This brings up one of those age old questions "What do I do with all those leaves?" This brings about one of the "dust it off and re-use" columns. The simple answer is to give you three options: leave them (no pun intended), remove them, or chop them up. If you decide to let nature take its course, letting le...

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Multi-colored Asian Ladybeetle
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Asian Lady Beetles and Boxelder Bugs

Posted by John Fulton -

Cooler nights are now more common, and with the up and down temperatures, we have quite a few insects that are looking for a warm place to be - or at least a nice, warm place for the afternoon. This past week, there were numerous Asian lady beetles and boxelder bugs out and about. A nice, sunny location drew quite a crowd. That's the thing about this time of year. Whenever we have a brief warm...

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The Proper Time For Pruning is not in the Fall

Posted by John Fulton -

Several calls have come in about pruning trees and shrubs this time of year. Simply put, major pruning is not recommended at this time. Sure, you can lop off the odd branch about head high to avoid injury while mowing. However, regular pruning is a rejuvenating process for the plant. This means stored energy meant for the winter will be used to produce new shoots. These new shoots won't be suff...

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rust in lawns

Rust In Lawns

Posted by John Fulton -

It may seem an odd time of year to be reading about rust on turfgrasses, but Logan County has had an outbreak this past two weeks. Turf rusts generally appear in cooler temperatures and we recently experienced a period of cool days with low humidity and very cool nights. The result was a nice crop of rust in the lawn. All turfgrasses can be infected with rust fungi, but Kentucky bluegra...

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