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John Fulton

John Fulton
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leafhopper damage on red maple and burning bush

Potato Leafhopper Damage is Now Evident

Posted by John Fulton -

A few weeks ago, I wrote about damage from the potato leafhopper. The damage symptoms are now more evident on all types of plants. Symptoms include yellow or brown "v" shaped areas at the tips or points of leaves, possible discoloration of leaves (evident on red maples with red leaves already), and shrunken and distorted leaves – particularly on the youngest leaves.

Once symptoms are noticed, you get to ride things out. The damage has already been done. Control of leafhoppers on trees in particular is very difficult. You are looking at spraying on a regular basis to cover the entire tree. Think at least every two weeks. It is easy to see the cost of treatment would probably outweigh the benefits. Of course, spraying a prized rose bush or something smaller is probably something you are doing anyway.

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