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John Fulton

John Fulton
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Controlling Moles

Posted by John Fulton -

With spring come questions on mole control. The flooding experienced earlier this year made problems worse in some areas as moles left lower areas to inhabit your lawn. Mole control is best accomplished by trap or poison baits at this time of year. There are three main types of traps including the jaw type, the plunger type, and the loop type. The plunger type is probably least effective, since it is hardest to get set to the proper depth. The folk remedy controls usually involve bubble gum or juicy fruit gum in the runs, but these don't work consistently enough to recommend them. You're better off chewing the gum yourself while you are setting the traps. There are also poison baits available that are effective. The soft baits, which are meant to imitate grubs or worms, are effective. Poison peanuts or milo are not effective, since moles don't eat seeds.

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