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John Fulton

John Fulton
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Lawn Diseases and Evergreen Woes

Posted by John Fulton -

Several diseases are found in lawns at this time. Brown patch, dollar spot, and helminthosporium are some of them. It is not recommended to treat lawns for diseases since it a never ending proposition. Sprays are generally applied every 10-14 days forever. It is recommended to let diseases run their course, and reseed in the early fall if needed.

Evergreens are not looking the best. Most evergreens don't do well for long periods of time in central Illinois. Scotch, red, and Austrian pines get several needle diseases. White pines have weather and environment related problems that can lead to sudden death. Spruces have needle diseases, spruce spider mites, and canker diseases. Spider mites and bagworms can be treated, but we may have to look at the other problems. Most evergreens don't like the Illinois extremes for moisture and temperature. Many are even found as understory trees in natural settings, rather than specimen trees. Take care when selecting evergreens for landscape use.

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