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John Fulton

John Fulton
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Garden Timing

Posted by John Fulton -

With the "confused" season we have been experiencing, to err on the side of caution would be my advice. That being said, as conditions allow, it would be time to plan to earliest garden crops which fall into the very hardy category. But, we may have to wait on the latest freezing temps and a bit drier soil conditions to proceed.

These very hardy crops would include kale, kohlrabi, leaf lettuce, onions, peas, spinach and turnips. Transplants of asparagus, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, onion sets, potatoes, and rhubarb would also be appropriate to plant four to six weeks ahead of the average last frost date. Of course that is a bit subjective depending on whether you want a 50/50 chance of over 90 percent chance of success. These dates vary from mid-April for the 50/50 to about May 10 to be fairly certain.

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