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John Fulton

John Fulton
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March Snows

Posted by John Fulton -

While the concentration is on snow in March, the real emphasis should probably be on the cold temperatures experienced over the weekend. Snow is a good thing. It provides an insulating layer for everything it covers. Moisture provided by the also a good thing.

Early blooming plants such as apricots and peaches may have been the most heavily damaged among fruit bearing plants. Exposed blooms were undoubtedly damaged. Those with swollen flower buds will be able to tell shortly, as damage will be seen as brown portions of the flowers. For now, I would continue on a regular spray schedule and see what develops.

Shade trees and ornamental shrubs will also be affected. Many trees and shrubs had some exposed leaf tissue. Evergreens may also experience dead areas on tips of branches. A freeze may also lead to misshapen leaves as the dead areas limit expansion of good tissue. It's not a bust, but things may not look picture perfect going into the spring.

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