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John Fulton

John Fulton
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Digging Critters

Posted by John Fulton -

This time of year, we can see mole runs in the yard. We can also see where skunks or raccoons have been digging in certain areas. What are they after? Well, they're after food. And food to these critters means grubs.

Grubs have been active since mid-summer. Normal treatment time is around the Logan County Fair. The longer we wait, the larger the grubs get. In particular, moles and skunks can smell the grubs and go after them for a meal. It is good to get rid of the grubs, but sometimes the cure is worse than the original problem. It is still possible to treat for grubs, but don't expect the same percentage of control you would have had two months ago.

The best way to stop moles and skunks is to get rid of the food source. Many of the trapping methods for moles don't work very well. And skunks, well you can just figure that one out for yourself. Moles like grubs and worms to eat, so poison peanuts aren't probably going to be very effective. There are some new soft baits that are more effective, but much more costly. Traps can be effective if properly set, and the scissor or loop type might be more effective than the plunger type.

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