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John Fulton

John Fulton
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Green June Bug

Green June Bugs

Posted by John Fulton -

A large, green beetle which sounds like a bumblebee when it flies, has emerged in the last week. No, it isn't a Japanese beetle on steroids. It is a green June bug. These insects also have a grub stage, but are not usually pests. They tend to lay eggs in high organic matter places such as in flower beds, under shrubs, compost piles, gardens, and manure piles. The adult beetles can cause damage to soft fruits such as grapes, peaches, apricots, and plums. It is actually called a fig eater overseas. Products such as bifenthrin, permethrin, and Sevin are effective in controlling the adults. Remember, under hot conditions products such as permethrin and bifenthrin may only last for a few days.

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