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John Fulton

John Fulton
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Dead Grass Spots

Posted by John Fulton -

There are many dead spots in lawns, and there will be more in a short time. Many spots have been present since mid-summer, and were due to fungi killing the grass. As a simple review, it is not recommended to treat a fungus in home lawns due to the cost, frequency, and potential allergic reaction of people and pets. In some cases, the extremely wet weather, followed by hot, dry conditions actually killed portions of lawns. The third possible problem is grub damage. There have been reports of high numbers of grubs reported in spots within the yard, and along edges of driveways and sidewalks.

As for what to do, the grub problem would need to be treated. Japanese beetle grubs should have all hatched out by now, so controls would be effective. Traditional grub treatments and carbaryl (Sevin) are effective on Japanese beetle grubs. The carbaryl is not effective on other types of grubs. After grub treatment, and to deal with the other causes of dead grass spots, get new seed down quickly. We are actually beyond the date to put down new seed, but the odds for seeding success are generally better in the fall.

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