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John Fulton

John Fulton
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Yellow Nutsedge

Water Grass

Posted by John Fulton -

Watergrass is one of those names that means different things to different people. In our area, the main two weeds called watergrass are crabgrass and yellow nutsedge. Nutsedge isn't even a grass, hence the name. It is easily identified by its triangular shaped stem. Control in lawns is usually accomplished with bentazon (Basagran) or halosulfuron, and neither is something you usually find in the local garden shops. Roundup can help suppress it, but isn't very effective on the mature plants – and it will also kill your grass. Usually you need at least two applications 10 days or so apart at the minimum. The other main weedy grass called watergrass is crabgrass, and at this point it will probably just need to run its course for the season. Next year, a preventative treatment could be applied early and repeated 6-8 weeks later.

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