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John Fulton

John Fulton
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Green June Bug

Green June Bugs

Posted by John Fulton -

Large, shiny, green beetles have appeared, and many think they have bumblebees because of the buzzing sound they make when they fly. These beetles are much larger than either June bugs or Japanese beetles.

Green June Bugs are also called fig eaters. This is because they can eat soft fleshed fruits such as grapes, plums, peaches, and apricots. In their larval stage they are a grub, but don't do a lot of turf damage like the normal June bug. They tend to be in high organic matter places such as flower beds, gardens, compost piles, and under shrubs, so the grubs aren't turf pests.

As for control, there is probably none necessary unless you need to protect those soft fleshed fruits. Then you should follow the recommended spray program so you don't cause problems with the fruit later on. The Green June Bug doesn't sting or bite, so you can put them in the nuisance pest category. The main damage they can do is fly into you, and that can hurt. On the bright side, you are probably already protecting things of value from the Japanese beetles, so you may be covered.

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