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John Fulton
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Green June Bug

Insect Development in 2012

Posted by John Fulton -

Insects continue to develop well ahead of schedule. We are running at least three weeks ahead in most cases. This means bagworm control is something for next year's schedule. Japanese beetles will begin winding down about now. Remember, these are emerging eggs laid last summer and fall. Unless something drastic happens, beetle number should be greatly reduced next year. This is due to poor egg and larvae survival in powder dry soils. It's to the point no self-respecting beetle would even want to lay eggs in most of the turf areas which haven't received rain or water.

One insect of note the past week or so is the green June bug. These are large, iridescent, green beetles that also come from a grub stage. Most often, these beetles lay their eggs in high organic matter areas such as compost piles or mulched flower beds. They really aren't much of a pest, but do sound like bumble bees flying.

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