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New Local Foods Infographic with Seasonal Calendar

I know you all are savvy seasonal shoppers, but I imagine there are still some fuzzy areas about what exactly is in season when–especially as more growers extend the season with hoophouses and root cellars.

That's one of the reasons The Land Connection put together this brand new Local Food Infographic, with a year-round seasonal availability chart informed by local fruit and vegetable growers. The chart starts with the earliest spring perennials such as chives, sorrel, and asparagus and moves through the high-summer crops, and into the autumn greens and roots, and finally the winter storage crops, including roots, squashes, and grains. It also shows the "shoulder seasons" for crops commonly grown in hoophouses that can extend the season a month or more earlier and later than outdoor field plantings.

But this infographic is much more than a seasonal produce calendar. It also presents facts and figures about nutrition loss over time, where your food dollar goes, and how our communities would benefit if only 15% of consumer food purchases went to local farmer–all illustrated in compelling ways.

But enough words already! Click here to see this hot-off-the-press infographic.

This infographic is part of the Farm Fresh Now! series funded by a USDA Specialty Crop Grant received through the Illinois Department of Agriculture. Happy local shopping and eating!

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