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John Fulton

John Fulton
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Star of Bethlehem

Star of Bethlehem

Posted by John Fulton -

Star of Bethlehem is a weed that looks like wild onion or garlic, but doesn't have the odor. It can also present a small white flower. It grows from small bulbs, so tilling an infested area is not a good idea. Control is difficult. Traditional lawn weed herbicides don’t control it very well. Recommendations have been repeated Roundup use, use of Gramoxone (paraquat), or one of the three-way broadleaf weed mixes. There is hope, at least in turf, from Kansas State University: “A study from the University of Tennessee showed that Dismiss (sulfentrazone) gave excellent control of Star-of-Bethlehem with a single application. Other products with sulfentrazone such as Q-4 and Surge may need repeat applications. On the homeowner side, Spectracide Weed Stop 2X contains sulfentrazone but will require repeat applications. Another second study from Virginia Tech showed 96% control of star-of-Bethlehem one month after treatment by using Quicksilver, a formulation of carfentrazone at the rate of 4 fl. oz per acre. Quicksilver is a commercial only product, and therefore is not available to homeowners. However, both Speed Zone and Weed Free Zone contain carfentrazone and may have activity. Remember to add a spreader-sticker. (WU)”

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