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John Fulton

John Fulton
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Rhubarb Reminders

Posted by John Fulton -

As we are in the heat of the summer, here are a few reminders about rhubarb. The first year of establishment, you shouldn't harvest at all. The second year you can have one or two weeks of harvest. After the second year, you can harvest eight to ten weeks. Pull the stalks, and don't remove more than a third at any one time. The old adage of "don't harvest in any month with an "r" in it is also good advice.

The appearance of seedstalks is a common problem. This tends to happen with cheaper plants grown from seed, overcrowding, plants that have begun declining and need to be divided and re-planted, or plants suffering from low fertility. When seedstalks do appear, simply cut them off at the base of the plant. The production of seedstalks tends to make the leaves and petioles smaller.

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