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John Fulton

John Fulton
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Effects of the Freeze

Posted by John Fulton -

Some of the effects of the late freeze are easily visible on fruit and shade trees. Trees and shrubs with exposed, tender leaf material (or even swollen buds in some instances) have partially dead leaves. It is common to see leaf tips that are brown on an otherwise healthy leaf. It is amazing there are a few apples set on at least some protected trees. There are even some later blooms coming out. If the bloom centers are brown, it indicates the bloom was damaged, and will not set fruit. Some plants had permanently damaged tips, while others are just extremely slow in initiating new buds.

Give things until about the end of May to determine what kind of permanent damage occurred. After that time, dead ends may be trimmed off. Also, keep things as positive as you can for the plants. Water, fertilizer, and pest control will probably be as important this year as they have ever been.

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