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2008 Field Crop Scouting Workshop Series

Posted by John Fulton -

Date Host Educator SW NM IPM CM May 14 Blair Hoerbert 250...

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Soil Temperatures

Posted by John Fulton -

With the kind of spring we have had, many are concerned about the soil temperatures. As we head for planting, are soils warm enough? The April 16 10 am bare soil four inch soil temp was between 46 and 48 degrees throughout Logan County. While still on the cool side, it has been increasing about two degree per day for the last three days. Continued upward trend is expected at this time...

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Costs of Operation with higher diesel fuel

Posted by John Fulton -

We are still operating off of cost of operation sheets from 2006, but what are the ramifications of $3.50 diesel fuel? The 2006 set of rates used a fuel cost of $2.50 per gallon, and now we are in that $3.50 ballpark. Tillage rates such as a chisel plow we would add $1.33 per acre for the extra fuel cost. Other increases would include $2.36 per acre for moldboard plow, $1.64 per acre f...

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