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Soybean Seeding Rates - from Mike Roegge

Posted by John Fulton -

During the past few years, producers have seen seed costs rise to record levels. Last summer's record crop prices no doubt led seed companies to believe producer incomes would allow these higher prices. However we've seen corn prices retreat almost 50% from those summer highs. And incomes based upon these lower prices just don't allow for much in the way of input price increases. Consequentiall...

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Extension Update - from Stu Ellis

Posted by John Fulton -

Ethanol throttled the 2007& 2008 corn market, now it put on the brakes. Marketing specialist Chad Hart at Iowa State says that is because of the shutdown in several ethanol plants. But the industry is still growing, and he says it should have exceeded 9 bil. gal. last year. He says th...

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