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Corn Ear Rots - from Mike Roegge

Posted by John Fulton -

The weather this year has done more than just delay the maturity of the corn and soybean crop, it has also allowed crop diseases to prosper. In corn, it's not too difficult to find leaf rust, grey leaf spot, northern corn leaf blight, and anthracnose. In addition, ear rots are not uncommon: diplodia and penicillium can be found and fusarium might be present as well. It's doubtfu...

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Soybean Aphid Populations Explode

Posted by John Fulton -

It seems as though soybean aphid populations have exploded over the long weekend. Several growers have reported borderline populations late last week have grown astronomically over the last four days. Here is a reference on soybean aphids from Mike Gray:

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Soybean Aphids - from Mike Roegge

Posted by John Fulton -

We've been concerned with soybean aphids for the past few weeks, and have written to producers about the importance of scouting fields. Just within the past week some fields have seen an explosion of aphid numbers. Dave Simpson and Bill Cassady have both reported aphid numbers exceeding 500 per plant on some plants in fields they've scouted. The economic threshold is 250 per plant. The...

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