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Dealing with Ruts and Compaction - from Mike Roegge

Posted by John Fulton -

The wet weather that delayed and frustrated harvest this fall raises questions by producers on the effect that ruts and compaction will have on the 2010 crop. Many fields exhibit telltale signs of a wet harvest with varying degrees of combine ruts and the accompanying compaction that occurred in getting the grain out of the field. Excessive compaction restricts root growth, impe...

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Cornbelt Update - from Stu Ellis

Posted by John Fulton -

ยท December 10 is an important date for anyone with crop insurance coverage on a row crop still standing in a Cornbelt field. That is the termination of your insurance coverage under USDA's Risk Management Administration rules. If you are in that picture, visit as soon as possible with your crop insurance agent. While insurance coverage ends, USDA wants farmers to con...

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