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Yield Potential of Ponded Corn - from Mike Roegge

Posted by John Fulton -

How much yield potential is there for these wet areas in corn fields that have corn that's only knee high or less, when the good looking corn is head high? Good question. And what can you do to potentially improve those areas? The problem is that the plant can't grow because there is no air in the soil. The soil is saturated with water. And until there is air in the root...

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What's with the nutrient deficient looking corn? - from Fabian Fernandez

Posted by John Fulton -

URBANA – Growing season conditions may be the biggest contributor to poor crop appearance today, rather than inadequate soil fertility, said Fabián Fernández, University of Illinois Extension specialist in soil fertility and plant nutrition. "Environmental conditions play an important role in nutrient availability," Fernández said. "Plants obtain most of their nutrients and w...

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