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Are Low Test Weights a Cause For Concern? - from Emerson Nafziger

Posted by John Fulton -

As the 2010 Illinois corn harvest gets under way, some farmers are expressing concern over test weights that are lower than they expected. Emerson Nafziger, University of Illinois Extension agronomist, said, "Many people think test weights in the lower 50s are an indication that yield has been lost, and that t...

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Taking the Guesswork out of 2011 Planting Decisions - from Gary Schnitkey

Posted by John Fulton -

A recent report projecting the 2011 crop budget suggests that for the best return farmers in southern Illinois should plant wheat/double-crop-soybean. The report is an installment of Farm Economics Facts and Opinions and is posted on the University of Illinois farmdoc web site. The full report with dat...

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