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Late season nitrogen application on corn - from Fabian Fernandez

Posted by John Fulton -

Applying nitrogen (N) in July may not be in a grower's plan, but for some corn fields throughout the Midwest, it is needed as soon as possible, said Fabian Fernandez, University of Illinois Extension specialist in soil fertility and plant nutrition. With soils drying and crops growing very fast as they rapidly accumulate growing degree days, Fernandez said it's a priority to make sure t...

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Fungicide Use In Corn - from Mike Roegge

Posted by John Fulton -

The old adage "knee high by the 4 th of July" has been used to describe corn growth for years. A more modern version would be "knee high by the 4 th of June, and tasseling by the 4 th of July". For the past number of years, corn tasseling on July 4 th has not been uncommon at all. This year, far fewer corn fields are tasseling, but a few of the early plan...

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