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Projected Corn and Soybean Budgets - from Gary Schnitkey

Posted by John Fulton -

Budgets for corn and soybeans grown in Illinois for 2013 are now available on farmdoc (see here ). Below, the 2013 budgets are compared to 2011 results and 2012 projections for crops grown in central Illinois on high productivity farmland. Overall non-land costs are projected to be roughly the same in 2013 as in 2012. Project...

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Initial Perspectives of Crop Insurance Underwriting Losses due to the 2012 Drought - from Gary Schnitkey and Bruce Sherrick

Posted by John Fulton -

There is growing interest in understanding the magnitude of losses in the Federal crop insurance program, and how those losses are to be shared between the Federal government and the crop insurance companies and their reinsurers. At this point, it is difficult to precisely estimate the size of the eventual losses; however, it is safe to assume that losses will be relatively large. Given Federal...

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