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Black Cutworm Predicted Cutting Date

Posted by John Fulton -

Based on black cutworm moth captures in a pheromone trap, the predicted cutting date for Logan County has been established for May 23. Of course, there isn't much corn planted as of now. Watch newly emerging corn carefully. Due to the immature size of the corn on the projected date, early damage may be harder to spot than recent years....

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Soybean Seeding Rate Calculator Available for smartphones and computer -from Emerson Nafziger

Posted by John Fulton -

With less costly soybean seed and the wide range of which soybean plant populations produce similar yields, soybean seeding rates have not historically been as closely calculated as those for corn. But soybean seed costs have risen to the point at which farmers don't want to plant more seeds than they need for top yields, according to University of Illinois crop sciences professor Emerson Nafzi...

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