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Implied Probabilities for Corn and Soybeans Prices for 2016 - from Bruce Sherrick

Posted by John Fulton -

RMA establishes Projected Prices (PP) each year at the end of February for crop insurance contracts that serve as minimum indemnification prices for crop insurance contracts. For revenue insurance contracts not specifically designated with Harvest Price Exclusion (HPE), the PP can be supplanted by a Harvest Price if prices during the month of October average higher levels than the PP. Duri...

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Updated 2016 Illinois Crop Budgets - from Gary Schnitkey

Posted by John Fulton -

The 2016 Illinois Crop Budgets have been revised and the "June 2016" version is now available on farmdoc . A significant change between the previous version released in December 2015 and the June version is an increase in soybean price. Even given this price increase, projected returns contained in th...

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