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Bi-Weekly National Organic Comprehensive Report Available

Posted by John Fulton -

The December 21, 2016 issue of the Bi-Weekly National Organic Comprehensive Report is now available on the Market News website:...

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2017 Crop Budgets and Current Prices Say Switch to Soybeans and Expect Low Returns - from Gary Schnitkey and Darrel Good

Posted by John Fulton -

Current 2017 fall delivery bids for central Illinois are near $10 per bushel for soybeans while corn is near $3.60 per bushel. At those prices, soybeans are projected to be near $80 per acre more profitable than corn, sending a strong signal to switch acres from corn to soybeans. With increased 2017 soybean plantings, consideration should be given to pricing production on additional acres,...

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Dicamba Tolerant Soybeans - Expectations for 2017 - from Aaron Hager

Posted by John Fulton -

One barrier to weed control on soybean farms has just been lifted. In early November, the Environmental Protection Agency approved a label allowing use of the herbicide dicamba in dicamba-resistant soybean, although only one commercial product received that label. Many Illinois farmers anticipate this technology will provide a much-needed method to control weeds that are resistant to multiple h...

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