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Burrower bug nymphs
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Dry Weather Insects and Relatives

Posted by John Fulton -

Dry conditions have brought about some relatively unusual insect phenomena such as false chinch bug and burrower bug. Both have the capacity to do damage, but often they are more conversational. Here is some information on burrower bugs from Mike Gray in 2001

What are burrower bugs?

These small insects (less than 8 mm in length) look somewhat like stink bugs.

They are slightly more oval than stink bugs and also have very small spines

that protrude from their tibiae (lower legs). Most burrower bugs are black

and found beneath objects such as stones, boards, and tufts of grass. They

also may be observed commonly around porch lights in the evening.

How do they injure plants? Like stink bugs and chinch bugs, they

may injure plants by removing plant fluids with their piercing and sucking

mouthparts. Damage is more likely to result if plants are under drought

stress. Are there any suggested economic thresholds or labeled insecticides for burrower bugs in corn and/or soybeans?

No. Because this insect is not a common pest, no thresholds have been

established for either crop. In corn, injury to plants may resemble chinch

bug feeding. No insecticides are labeled for burrower bug control in corn

or soybeans.

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