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Acreage Report and Stocks Report

Posted by John Fulton -

Here are Excerpts from the "Extension Update" newsletter:

  • USDA's Acreage Report today indicated 92.888 mil. acres of corn were planted this spring, up 19% from 2006, and above the range of 89.85 and 91.70 million acres expected by the market. USDA also reported 64.081 mil. acres of soybeans were planted this year, down 15% from the 2006 crop. That is well below the 66 to 69 mil. acre range expected by the market. The report was bullish for soybeans and bearish for corn.
  • USDA also released the Quarterly stocks report. Corn stocks were reported at 3.53 bil. bu. which is down 19% the 4.362 bil. bushels a year ago. Bean stocks were estimated at 1.09 bil. bu. which is up 10% from the 991 mil. bu. a year ago. Wheat stocks are estimated at 456 mil. bu. which is a 20% decline from the 572 mil. of a year ago.

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