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What a Nutritionist Eats

Posted by Whitney Ajie -

Howdy y'all,

Recently I was shown an article written by a Registered Dietitian that documented what she ate in a typical day. I have a love/hate relationship with articles like this.

Why I love them: they show a variety of healthy meals, snacks, beverages that are made and eaten by real people, people who typically live an overall healthy lifestyle. Seeing real life options, instead of telling people food groups or giving them picture-less, recipe-less lists of healthy foods to eat, could be part of the spark that helps people change the things they're eating and think they can do it too. Plus, I usually get an idea or two for things I'd like to try.

Why I hate them: of course, the most typical day people choose to document is the healthiest day they've had in months. Of course, I'm being facetious; however, it's kind of true that when I look through the typical day of a Dietitian or Nutritionist, it's like they put all the freshest, least fat-containing, most fiber-containing, and least sugar-filled foods on their plates all day, and then we're left to believe that they do it all over again day after day after day. In addition, I'm sure I'm not the only one who starts to doubt how healthy my own diet is when I see what other nutrition professionals are professing to eat on a daily basis. Bottomline, in my opinion, it just doesn't give a very realistic understanding of the occasional (and sometimes more than occasional...) indulgences that we, as a nutrition professionals, still eat and enjoy!

So....drum roll please! give you additional real life examples of how a nutritionist eats, today I started documenting all the food/beverages I eat and will continue to do so on a mostly daily basis (translation: whenever I remember! and hopefully that's almost every day). I will include ingredients and sometimes recipes, and nutrition facts when I can. Find the pictures on my Instagram and Twitter pages with #nutritionisteats and follow me for updates!

Wishing you the best of health,

Whitney Ajie

Illinois Nutrition Education Programs (INEP) Educator



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