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Prairies to Perennials

An almanac of all things that grow in Lincoln's backyard.
hops 2 2018
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Stretching our View of Herbs

Posted by Jennifer Fishburn - Herbs

What usually comes to mind when thinking about herbs is a low bushy plant with fragrant leaves and blooms, like basil or thyme. It's a much broader category, however. An herb has been defined as "...any plant or plant part that has historically been used for medicinal, culinary or fragrance purposes" and also, simply, as "a useful plant."...

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japanese beetle June 12 2018

They're Back, Japanese Beetles

Posted by Jennifer Fishburn -

Japanese beetle adults may be munching on roses, lindens, raspberries, birch trees, crabapple and apple trees in your neighborhood. The beetles are voracious foliage and fruit feeders of nearly 300 species of plants. Feeding on plants generally lasts for about six weeks. The Japanese beetle is approximately 1/2 inch long and is metallic green with coppery wing covers. The beetles chew t...

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