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Prairies to Perennials

An almanac of all things that grow in Lincoln's backyard.
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Share Your Harvest

Plant a Row for the Hungry (PAR)is a national program that encourages gardeners to plant and donate produce to those needing food assistance in their communities. In Springfield, the University of Illinois Extension Master Gardener volunteers have led a local effort to share fresh produce. For the past 19 years, volunteers have worked with the Central Illinois Food Bank and local food pantries....

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veg symposium 11
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Garden Symposium Makes Everyone Anxious to Get in the Garden

On Saturday, March 25, fifteen garden enthusiast attended a "Vegetable Gardening Symposium" to learn and share experiences about some of the vegetable and fruit choices available for early planting in the home garden. Participants also learned more about composting and how easy it is to recycle vegetable scraps and yard waste to build rich compost for use in your garden. The workshop wa...

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Square foot oct 2016
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Square Foot Garden

Raising vegetables in a square foot garden can be a great way to grow produce in a small space. In 2016, master gardener volunteers planted a square foot garden in their Small Fruits and Vegetables Demonstration Garden. The set-up followed the expertise of Mel Bartholemew set out in his "Square Foot Gardening" books. These three pictures of the "Square Foot Garden" were taken on...

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Pepper 2 aug 2016

Harvesting Peppers Program

Harvesting Peppers. This summer, University of Illinois Extension Master Gardener volunteers will provide programs in the Master Gardener demonstration gardens. Join Master Gardener volunteers on Thursday, August 25, at 5:30 p.m., for theirthird in a series of pepper programs. Volunteers will discuss the various peppers grown in the Herb Garde...

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Dean Garden Peppers
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Fresh Salsa

Salsa Salsa is one of America's favorite condiments. While there are many types of salsa available commercially, this summer consider making garden fresh tomato salsa. Grow your own plants or purchase fresh produce from a local farmer's market. A basic tomato salsa recipe includes tomatoes, peppers, onions, garlic, cilantro and tomatillos. These plants can flourish with a little care in...

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Rhubarb  2
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Harvesting Rhubarb and Asparagus

What's new with the Small Fruits and Vegetable Gardens located at the University of Illinois Extension office located at 700 S. Airport Drive in Springfield? The asparagus has been harvested for several weeks.  Soon it will be time to let the plants rest for the season.  For more information on growing and harvesting Asparagus, ...

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