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Simply Nutritious, Quick and Delicious

Jenna Smith, Extension Educator brings you helpful tips to make meals easy, healthy and tasty!
margarita pizza

Using Garden Fresh Tomatoes

My husband and I picked our first tomato from the garden about a week ago and it wasn't long before we had an entire bucket full. I've had many questions from various tomato gardeners asking how to turn these delicious tomatoes into culinary creations. There are numerous quick and easy ways to use up your tomatoes. Try marinating tomatoes for a refreshing cold dish. Simply combine 3 Tab...

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Lighter Fried Fish Fillet

Teach Kids About Nutrition

I have recently discovered Pinterest, or in other words, another social site that has inevitably sucked up all of the few hours of free time I once had. That being said, I love it! There are many recipes, ideas, creative projects, etc. to feed your own personal interest. And of course, with my interest being nutrition, I was immediately sucked into the recipes. But I also noticed all the creati...

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Eating Fair Foods!

Now that I am a Nutrition and Wellness Educator serving three counties, including Livingston, McLean and Woodford, I have three county fairs to go to. And all three county fairs are taking place during back-to-back weeks, which means I'll be living off fair food for about a month! Hopefully, you're able to take the family to the local fair this year and enjoy all the activities the fair...

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creamed corn IMG 1433

Summertime Sweet Corn

I grew up on a farm surrounded by fields of corn and soybeans. We had a garden filled with tomatoes, green beans, bell peppers, and watermelon. But my favorite summertime memory was selling our family's sweet corn on the roadside in our small town. A hot job of sitting in the sun was well worth the few bucks my brother and I took home. After a hard day's work, we always came home to a meal with...

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