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Simply Nutritious, Quick and Delicious

Jenna Smith, Extension Educator brings you helpful tips to make meals easy, healthy and tasty!
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Do You Go Bananas for Ice Cream?

Here is another fabulous blog entry from Illinois State University student intern, Katharine Beberman! I must admit that I have a ravenous sweet tooth. Sometimes, the only way I can satisfy it is though ice cream. While I do indulge from time to time, I try not to make a habit of eating such a decadent dessert. Recently, I stumbled upon a healthy alternative, with only one ingr...

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Calcium for Non-Milk Drinkers

I'm pleased to introduce guest blogger and Illinois State University student intern, Katharine Beberman! Ever since I was a child, I despised drinking milk. There was just something about it that I did not like. Pediatricians would express that I must drink milk for calcium in order to grow strong bones, but that did not change my poor opinion of the beverage at the time. Reali...

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